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The PLA is situated on over 60 acres of land which includes a private beach and an historic clubhouse. Both are available for use by members for private functions. 

To rent one of the available spaces at Pinewood Lake, you must be a PLA Member in good standing.


Please note that the PLA is not responsible for lost or damaged property. Members and guests are responsible for the safety and security of their belongings at all times. 


PLA Clubhouse Rentals

To rent the Pinewood Lake Clubhouse for a private event you must be a Member in good standing. To book your event, please contact You will be required to submit a rental agreement with payment, security deposit and certificate of Insurance. Once you have submitted all paperwork, please contact our Event Facilitator, Greg Marconi at 203-650-7803 (weekdays after 4PM) to schedule time to visit the rental space to obtain access keys for set-up/clean-up and to coordinate event preferences, needs and final details.



  • Accessible Entrance via the front porch (East Lake Rd)

  • Restrooms located in Sunporch

  • Room heated and A/C

  • Hanging of Decor from wooden beams in ballroom is permitted

  • Does not include usage of PLA Grounds - you must make special arrangements to use both

  • 50'x70' / 24'x42'

  • Security deposit - $420

Price: $840


Capacity 100 ppl

  • Refrigerator in Pineroom may be used to store perishable items

  • Streamers and party lights hung from ceiling tiles in permitted

  • Does not include usage of PLA Grounds or Ballroom/Sunporch - you must make special arrangements to use both

  • Security deposit - $150

Price: $300 (weekend)

Price: $210 (Tues/Wed/Thurs, Sept – May)

Planning Information

All Rental Prices Include Tables & Chairs


  • Rectangle (2.5 x 8 ft) seat 8 — may also be used for gift/buffet/desert or family style set-up [16 onsite]

  • Round (5 ft / 60” round) seat 8 — may also be used for appetizers or check-in tables [23 onsite]


Set-Up & Decorations


  • Saturday Booking  - Friday after 8PM or day of party in AM

  • Sunday Booking - Morning of party but if there is a rental previous night around 11AM

  • Weekly Booking - Day before party or day of party in AM

  • NO helium balloons, fog machines or candles permitted in our spaces

  • NO decorations are permitted to be taped on the walls of our spaces




  • PLA parking lot can accommodate up to 30 vehicles comfortably

  • No legal parking on the surrounding streets – cars may trickle onto surrounding streets (Eastlake & Westlake) during PLA sanctioned events


General Information


  • As a member, you will not have access to the Kitchen/Canteen during your event.  Also, you may not grant your caterer access to the the kitchen/canteen.  However, you may use the refrigerator in the Pineroom to store additional perishables for your event.

  • Clean room of all decorations & place all trash in garbage cans provided (Trash will be removed by PLA)

  • Toilet tissue, soap & paper towels are fully stocked in bathrooms – You may spruce up lavatories w/additional décor

  • Cleaners, rags or brooms may be needed for your event – These items are not supplied

  • Please Note: Lake draw down may take place after swim season (late September or early October) – Take note should you choose to use the lake as a backdrop for outside photos.

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