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Usage Requirements to Host a Class at Pinewood Lake


  • To host a class or event, you must be a PLA member in good standing or you must be sponsored by a PLA member.

  • Contact Social chair to check availability on PLA calendar in case of any conflicts.

  • Once approved, contact Partyline Editor at to advertise in Partyline and for distribution of e-blasts to our membership.

  • Class instructors must pay a room usage fee of $10 per class (if two classes in one day, $20/class).

  • Class instructors will provide PLA with certificate of insurance coverage, in case of injury, of at least $500,000 in liability coverage.

  • Per state regulation, class instructors will supply PLA with a sales and use tax permit or room occupancy tax permit.

  • Class instructors will provide PLA with a list of member & non-member participants.  Members will pay regular/base fee for classes offered & non-members will be charged an additional $10/$20 — additional course fees must be given to PLA once fees are collected.

  • Registration for class(s) offered to PLA members first and if additional spots remain, then may be offered to friends of PLA.

  • You are responsible for collecting funds for your class and submitting all required documents and fees to PLA before your first class.

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