Pinewood Lake Association is a private community organization located on over 60 acres in Trumbull, Connecticut. The PLA is home to an historic clubhouse, and maintains several boat racks, two dams, a common access beach and several access parcels interspersed between houses that border the lake.


Founded in 1945, Pinewood lake Association is registered as an operating company in the State of Connecticut. Business activities are managed by a Board of Governors consisting of Owner Members elected from the various properties that are eligible for owner membership status within the Association. 

Annual Responsibilities

The PLA operates entirely on volunteers who give their time to ensure the association functions. 

We sponsor a number of events throughout the year, including several bands during the summer, an Easter Egg Hunt, and a Family Fun Day. Other events such as a book club, discussion groups, and badminton are organized by association members. 

In addition to hosting events, the PLA also ensures lake preservation and clubhouse maintenance. 

The PLA operates entirely through member dues. Click to view the annual budget and learn how your dues are allocated.