2020 PLA Member Update Request

Dear Pinewood Lake Association Families,


As families evolve and change each year, it’s time to update the membership information for the PLA Directory. This information is used when visiting the Registrar table to check in before entering the beach and in the published PLA Directory. 

We Need Your Help!


  • If you’ve spotted an error in the previous directory, please bring that to our attention in the Additional Information section below. 

  • If you have had a new addition to your family, please let us know!

  • If your children have reached 18 years of age and are no longer living in your household, they cannot be listed under your membership. The association bylaws provide this information in Article II Membership. The bylaws can be found in the Directory or on pinewood-lake.org

  • Many people have requested to include a cell phone number and email address in the Directory.  As the feasibility is explored, we will start the data collection.  If you would like your cell and/or email address published in the Directory, please provide in the space below.

Membership Update


Please provide current information about the individuals included in your membership. Please note that per PLA by-laws, only individuals living as a family unit in the member household may be included.

Please choose the following that applies to you