Lake Management Announcements

Spring has Sprung – Make a Resolution to use LESS FERTILIZER


We're all spending a lot more time at home than usual and lots of us are occupying ourselves in our yards pulling weeds, prepping the flower beds...and getting ready to fertilize our lawns.


In the pursuit of a beautiful green lawn, many homeowners think that they have to continually apply fertilizer to achieve it. However, excess nitrogen from fertilizer not only burns your lawn, it also damages Pinewood Lake. And downstream, it ultimately ends up in the Long Island Sound where it fuels algae blooms that smother fish and are harmful to other important wildlife. We invite you to take a more holistic and less time-consuming approach this year. 


Start by running the mower (without a collection bag) over new growth and any leaves that have accumulated on your lawn over the winter, and leave the clippings on the lawn. Mulching leaves and clippings into your lawn actually provides FREE fertilizer! Keep up this practice as your grass grows into the summer and fall.


Be aware that continually applying fertilizer during the hot summer months will only build up and burn your lawn or even worse for the lake, it will just be washed off during heavy rains.

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